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My sometimes made, always comfy bed in my OWN room in my house in San Fernando Valley

I'm back! Thanks for dropping by! It has been a long time since I felt I had the time or energy to write or even knew what I wanted to say. But let me tell you, I have been LIVING. And I've realized that no one really knows what they are saying (especially not the most powerful and influential of us *ahem* rhymes with crump *ahem*). But I do have my own unique perspective on this crazy world we live in and I want to share it with you! If you are into #momlife, especially #singlemomlife, need some weekly encouragement and tips on changing your #headspace and your attitude to change you life, come here! If you are a fellow artist, struggling to pursue your dreams while also taking care of yourself and those you love, come on by! If you are really into yoga, meditation, RELAXING, and self care, check me out! If you believe that anything is possible, you're in my #tribe. And if you don't, but you wanna hear why I do, stop by! And if you are a fellow #naturist, and want to occasionally hear my thoughts on why I love nudity, sign up!

So, what is #SMILFSAUCE? #SMILFSAUCE is a branded hashtag that started out as a joke with some friends of mine in NYC who have cheered me on as I chose the wild adventure of life as a single mom artist. I was inspired by the show SMILF, written by Frankie Shaw, and by her story as a fellow single mom artist. I could so relate to her and I identified as a hot single mom who was putting everything on the line. I started using the hashtag to sum up all of the badassery it takes to be a single mom, provide a great life for my baby and myself, and reach for dreams that seem totally nuts! And guess what? I'm drippin in smilfsauce now ;) Don't worry, I'll get real with you. I have struggled a LOT as a single mom. From the moment I peed on a stick to about half a year ago, I often felt like I was drowning in the struggle! And even now, there are still times when I get overwhelmed. But the #smilfsauce attitude is all about rising above. It's about thinking outside the box to reach goals. It's about small attainable goals and big, giant, scary goals that seem impossible (until they're possible!). It's about not being afraid to want nice things. It's about dreaming big and knowing you are worth it. I want you to envision your wildest dreams and not be afraid to chase them. I want you to know that at the end of the day, you are enough without them. I want you to not just survive, but to thrive! And I want to be someone who can encourage you and motivate you along the way!

If this sounds awesome, please come back! Or better yet, subscribe! And buckle up, cause I wanna take you along for the wild ride that is my life. Peace, love and #smilfsauce!



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