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What have I been doing with myself lately? Besides getting a car, driving across the country to a new city, getting a house, an agent, chopping off a lot of my hair, taking new headshots, making new friends, finding new jobs, starting a new acting class (how many times have I used the word new? more on all that stuff later) ....I'm teaching myself to play Ukulele! I bought Lola right before moving, and she's been a wonderful little distraction whenever I needed her. It's actually been raining a TON in Los Angeles this week. And what better way to spend a rainy day than learning some new jams? I have a funny little relationship with my voice. I've been singing since I could talk! But for a while, I sort of gave up on sharing this part of myself that I love with anyone else. I stopped loving it. It actually HURT to sing. Last Spring in NYC I started studying with a new voice teacher, Jon Stancato (please check him out, his work is powerful It changed my whole perspective on singing and I'm doing a lot more of it now, and learning how to accompany myself so I can share it more easily. It is a source of great joy for me. It is therapeutic and healing and I'm so happy to take it back confidently. One of my best friends in college, Kaylyn, introduced me to this song, and its still a fave. I challenge you to learn something new today! Or take back something you love in your life.

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