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Sunrise on The Bridge

This is a piece I wrote one morning in New York. I was restless and sleepless. I walked to Randall's Island, a favorite escape of mine, and just kept on walking, right over the Astoria Bridge into Queens. I was singing to myself (as I often do when my mind goes to fast.) This is what I came up with. I am also very excited that this poem made it into the September print edition of Yume Magazine!

Sunrise on the Bridge

By Blaize Hall

The world is big, and I am small

And that’s ok, that’s ok.

God may be near, or not at all

And that’s ok, that’s ok

Al of the things I can’t explain

All of the ecstasy and pain

It’s all just party to the story to be told

The story in the making

And when I walk, by faith or sight

It doesn’t matter what I see or feel.

Because perception’s just a matter of perspective

And it can change with time

the way a memory will lie.

Your truth is not my turth,

Your dreams are not my dreams

We shared them for a moment

or a time in between

Each breath that we were taking

This love we were creating

Was it real?

Honey there’s no way to prove it.

All I know is that tomorrow,

I don’t wanna dream on borrowed time.

Gotta live my life on the line.

And I’ll risk it all,

and dare to fall

One more time.

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