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I like to call myself a tree-hugger with a sprinkle of urban grit, a kid-at-heart with an old soul, a dancing hippy who can shut down the club.  Raised in rural Vermont, my happy place is on top of a mountain, up in a tree, or  contemplating the horizon by the sea.  I've been singing since I could talk and acting since I tagged along to an audition for Brigadoon with my Mom at 8 years old. Check out my blog for stories, inspiration and current projects!  Instagram @emblaizon for snapshots of my life. 

Blaize Hall                                   SAG-E

Management:  Pillar Entertainment Group                                 

Height:        5'7”

Eyes:          Hazel 

Build:          Athletic/Slim

Location:    Los Angeles, CA

Local hire:  NYC, Burlington, Tampa,                                               Reno, San Diego, Seattle, Boston 

Film, TV and New Media

Dance Card's Full                   Kelly (lead)                 Christopher Eaton

He's That Guy                        Joyce (lead)                Ian Mark

Josh Taylor's Prom Date        Christine(supporting)  Andy Pett

The Art of Adjustment            Rachel(lead)               Nick Stern
Cashy and The Funk             Maive (lead)                Jake Winslow
Baby                                      Tasha (supporting)       Robert S. Hummel
Falling High                           Allison (lead)                Skyler Bocciolatt
Life and Death                       Costar                          James Majeau
Boys of 213                           Costar                           Ben Poppleton
The John and Kyle Show      Guest Star                    John Horan and Kyle Vorbach

2010 - present

Rondeau, A Beauty Masked            Mrs. Pinchwife                           Sacred Circle Theater Co., NY

Pleading The First                           Improv, sketch comedy              Midtown International Theater Festival
Salome                                            Second Soldier                           Sacred Circle Theater Co., NY

In The Pipeline                                 Actor, Writer, Director                The Barrow Group Apprentices
Company Member                           Shows, Improv Team                 The Complete Theater Co., NY
Love’s Labours Lost                         Boyet, Constable Dull                Hudson Shakespeare, NJ
The Importance of Being Earnest    Gwendolyn Fairfax                     Lamoille County Players, VT
Charlotte’s Web the Musical            Charlotte                                    Fairfax Community Players, VT
Curtains                                            Niki                                            Essex High School, VT
Cinderella                                         Cinderella                                  Lamoille County Players, VT
Jake’s Women                                  older Molly                                 Lamoille County Players, VT
Twelfth Night                                     Viola                                          Harvest Homeschool Group, VT
The King and I                                  ensemble                                   Lyric Theater Co., VT

2010 - present

Technique Clinic                       Helen Highfield                                     Lesly Khan and Co

Comedy Intensive                    Tim Davis                                              Lesly Khan and Co

Commercial Workshop             Jaret Sacrey                                         Killian's Workshop

Ongoing scene study               Sean Riley, Tamara Perry                     Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

Audition Lab                            Todd Thaler                                            Atlantic Acting School
Improv/Comedy Player            Richard Alan Chen                                The Alan Chan Comedy Team
Apprenticeship                         Seth Barrish and Lee Brock                  The Barrow Group
Audio Voiceover Workshop      Johnny Heller                                        Edge Studios
Improv Workshop                     Armando Diaz                                       Michael Howard Studios
Monologue Workshop              Karen Kohlhaas                                    New York, NY
Acting 1,2,3 and 4                   Judith Levitt, Michael Samuel Kaplan    Ithaca College
Summer Conservatory            Gabrielle Berberich, Brett Goldstein
                                                Polina Klimovitskaya, Will O’Hare
                                                Jim Shankman, Mari Lyn Henry             Michael Howard Studios
Academy of Visual & Performing Arts                                                    Essex High School


Voice: Alto/Soprano, (realistic puppy bark), A Capella group, 8 years classical piano, Krav Maga,  boxing, ballroom dance, pole dance, volunteer prison theater, radio news host WICB, reporter, Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen 2008, valid driver’s license

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